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Berry and Grey Pot Leaf Smoking Joint Hook Reminder Stitch Markers

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This set includes:
6 - Hook reminders in ~LETTERS~
1 - Organizer

Hook letters included:
G ~ H ~ I ~ J ~ K ~ L

The clasps are 12mm x 6mm
Total length is just over 2 inches

Have you ever had a project you set down for a while and went to start it again but forgot which hook you used? I know I have done that more times than I want to admit. With these stitch markers that problem will no longer be an issue.

Our lightweight stitch markers don't pull on the yarn as many heavy ones do.

With the organizer, you can tie it to just about anything for convenience.

Want another color? ~ Want mm vs letters? We offer customization so you can get what you are looking for.

Please note that the wire used is plated copper. The copper color will come through more with time and use.

*Please note that due to screen differences, colors may vary. We do accept returns/exchanges/refunds on our beads (Please see our return policy for full details).

Each individual bead is made by cutting strips of paper into specific (as I can get by hand) lengths and widths. I then hand roll each strip to the shape of bead desired. Once I have the beads made, I then seal them with several layers of base coat and follow that up with at least 2 layers of topcoat. This process makes our beads very durable and sturdy.

*The beads are water-resistant and not waterproof. If they do get submerged just lay them flat and air dry on a towel. If they get dirty use a lightly damp cloth and wipe off.*