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Black Doodle Paper Beads

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This set includes: 7 beads
Theme/color: Black and white doodle style with black core
Finish: Gloss
Measurements: 13 mm x 9 mm (approx.)
Hole Size: 2 mm (approx.)

*Please note that due to screen differences, colors may vary. We do accept returns/exchanges/refunds on our beads (Please see our return policy for full details).

Each individual bead is made by cutting strips of paper into specific (as I can get by hand) lengths and widths. I then hand roll each strip to the shape of bead desired. Once I have the beads made, I then seal them with several layers of base coat and follow that up with at least 2 layers of topcoat. This process makes our beads very durable and sturdy.

*The beads are water-resistant and not waterproof. If they do get submerged just lay them flat and air dry on a towel. If they get dirty use a lightly damp cloth and wipe off.* Avoid showers and hand-washing dishes while wearing jewelry made with the beads.